The countryside in Salento will surprise you with its beauty.

A route in harmony with nature, among olive trees, streams and archaeological find.

With a guided tour and some easy hiking, suitable for all ages, you can visit and experience this unique kind of nature. The main feature is the Channel Fano, developing in two parallel branches: the western one, known as Channel Fano, and the eastern one, known as Channel Tariano.

Around the latter you will find the legendary Cave of the Fairies and many other prehistoric shelters, furnaces from the Roman era, ruins of an old olive-press, pajare, ancient olive groves and reeds.

On the other side, the Channel Fano, perpetually fed by surgive waters, will offer you a charming Italian / Greek cave with frescoes and the remains of a fortified Messapian citadel.

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Thu, 09 February 2017
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