Long beaches of white sand and crystal clear water. The tropics have never been so close.

Don't miss: the colors of the sea when the north wind blows, a walk on the shore at sunset, losing yourself in your thoughts.

White fine beaches and clear shallow waters. The evocative name of the Maldives is not randomly chosen to describe these places that are as good as tropical landscapes. Especially when the wind blows from the north, the Ionian coast stretching from Torre Vado to Gallipoli becomes a paradise.

The name of the Maldives, which initially only identified the namesake beach of Pescoluse, has come to indicate the whole Ionian coast of Capo di Leuca. It is enough to move a few kilometres from the most famous and crowded places to find the same beautiful scenery, to discover nearly pristine beaches where sea lilies grow spontaneously on the wild dunes, or to stop for a swim in the crystal clear waters of other shores, such as Torre Pali or Torre San Giovanni.

At only 4 km from Palazzo San Giovanni, the Maldives offer a wide variety of locations and services. There are private beaches, from the most simple to the most fashionable ones organizing entertainment, cocktails and soirées; or free beaches where nature still rules, where you can rent loungers and umbrellas or bring your own equipment. Everywhere you can find food shacks or restaurants where you can have lunch or sit down for a drink.

These beaches are easily accessible thanks to the large parking areas located just behind the dunes, spacious enough to accommodate the stream of tourists even in mid-August.


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Thu, 16 April 2015
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