The very southern tip of Italy offers a unique landscape, especially if it is admired by sea aboard a boat.

An experience! Suitable for everyone, not only for experienced swimmers.

I warmly suggest to anyone visiting Salento they should not miss an arresting trip to the caves. You need to spend two to four hours by boat, according to the course you want to take, in order to circumnavigate the "heel" of Italy, i.e. the rocky coastline surrounding Santa Maria di Leuca, both east and west.

During the full four-hour route along the Ionian and the Adriatic coasts, you can admire about thirty caves carved out over time by the fury of the sea and the needs of man.

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Thu, 09 March 2017
Routes and must-see in Salento | Palazzo San Giovanni Guest House

Morciano di Leuca and the Salento region offer suggestive views and landscape. The coasts of...

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